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After watching the pigeon sport from the sideline for years (and occasionally helping out), I have decided to become an active pigeon fancier myself. I have a special liking for white pigeons but I also appreciate pigeons with other shades of color that may possibly perform well.

My search for good breeding pigeons started in 2010/2011. When I decided to take up flying with young pigeons in 2011, it was all a matter of trial and error. With the help of advice coming from experienced pigeon fanciers such as my husband, who has practiced keeping pigeons for many years, I have improved my skills and have managed to do better. I became more successful in the year 2012. Now that I have built up some routine, I intend to focus on the following disciplines in the near future: short distance, middle distance, long distance and young pigeons.

The pleasure I get from breeding and keeping pigeons are my first and foremost consideration. In relation to the pigeon sport I sincerely believe in the following:

Healthy pigeons, a good pigeon loft, the right motivation to look after them, fair play, honesty, respect, self-confidence and the motto: Actions speak louder than words.

The actual flying weather for racing pigeons.

The actual flying weather for racing pigeons.

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